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GST Ready Invoicing :

Create your GST Invoice within 2 min by using Multiplex 2017 ERP. Invocing in Multiplex 2017 ERP offers several features which are:


1. You can assign different Part Numbers or Code to an Item for your various Customers i.e. a single Item can have multiple Part Codes as per Customers.

2. You can assign different Rates, Discount Schemes to an Item for multiple Customers.

3. There is a provision for mentioning Weight of an Item along with its Quantity in Numbers and you can use either Weight or Numbers to calculate value.

4. If Weight is assigned in Item Master then during invoice Weight can be automatically calculated as per the mentioned quantity.

5. You can assign various customers to an Item so that during Invoice creation you don't see long list of your Items.

6. If you have created an Order or a Delivery Schedule of an Item for a Customer then you can create Invoice using reference of that Order or Schedule

7. If you are doing some processing work on material received from your customer then Invoice can be created with reference to Customer Document

8. There is a provision for defining packing of an Item which help in calculating number of packs for dispatch and creating dispatch labels

9. You can set multiple copies of an Invoice with different titles

10. You can have multiple design type of Invoice formats with different parameters as per need of your customers if required

11. Packing Lists also can be made through Invoice