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Welcome to the world of SIGMA PLUS INFOTECH. You are now into the world of Logics, creativity and concepts. We at SIGMA PLUS INFOTECH are for the simplifiying your computing needs by creating smart logics and concepts. We are specialised in developing software systems as per your requirement. You give us the problem and we are here to solve it and deliver you a software which can 100% satisfy your needs. Although in this world lot many softwares are avaliable for each and every need of any business organisation but still not a single software can fullfill the needs of a company because all these systems are designed in general but we design systems after understanding your requirments and keeping in mind to a layman who just have a operating knowledge of computer operations.

Govt of India taking country to new ways by implementing GST system so we made our Multiplex ERP series compatible to this new GST system with GST ready invoicing and GST returns. Multiplex 2017 ERP can work for both Manufacturing Units and Trading Units. It has strong inventory control system and production planning management.


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