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Multiplex 2017 ERP is an ERP software which is very much user friendly for a layman. It don't need much of accounting knowledge for an operator to use it.  Multiplex ERP 2017 is created by tough experienced  qualified professionals and with support of people those who are practically working on ground level such as shopkeepers, small scale industrialists, transporters, machine operators, store in charge in companies, account officers, charted accountants,  taxation consultants and lawyers, computer operators, production managers, machine operators, gate security officers, marketing managers, purchase officers etc   so in this we have considered all factors and parameters of a common man who is doing a business or a working in an industry. Multiplex 2017 is the sum up of experiences and suggestions of thousands of people from more then 500 industries those who are closely associated with it.


Modules of Multiplex 2017 ERP :

In this if you are not able to implement software in your company as per your requirements then our executive will come at your place to do all this.



Multiplex 2017 ERP can be customized as per your requirement and for this you have to tell us about your needs. This is the only major difference that other software give you 60 to 80 percent satisfaction level whereas we give 100 percent satisfaction to you.


Implementation and Training :

In this if you are not able to implement software in your company as per your requirements then our executive will come at your place to do all this.



Online support will be there but in case problems don't get resolve online then our executive visit at your place to solve issues.


Network Implementation:

Multiplex 2017 is available in both Single User Version and Multi User Version

1. Invoicing :

Multiplex 2017 ERP is a very flexible tool for invoicing system. In Multiplex 2017 ERP we can give you decustomised invoice formats as per your need with images and logos of your company. GST returns will automatically created as you create invoice. In the end of month you just need to press a button to generate your monthly GST return. There are lot more in invoicing which can ease your work. To know more click the button given below right side.


2. Orders and Schedules Processing :

Multiplex 2017 ERP provide you an easy way to keep track of Orders and Schedules from your customers and Orders and Schedules issued by you to your vendors. You can create and print your Purchase Orders which you want to issue to your vendors. You can maintain your supply as per orders and schedules received from your customers. Here you can create and print Quotations for your Customers also.


3. Job Work (Outside Processing) Management :

Multiplex 2017 ERP keep track of material which is going out for outside processing and let you know that status of material lying with your vendor. You can issue material to vendor with the help of Job Work Issue Challan, Returnable Gate Pass, Non Returnable Gate Pass and then receive the material using M.R.N. (Material Receipt Note). You can also keep track of material which you received for processing from your customer and can dispatch that in reference with the document which your customer issued to you.


4. Store Inventory Management :

Multiplex 2017 ERP provides you a powerful tool to manage your store inventory. We have concept of PFD i.e Process Flow Diagram in which you can keep track of all process and stages of production of a item in your industry. We have a Mapping system of Stores as per the type of Item and document which automate the system and make free to user to choose location or store every time while doing any transaction.


5. Production Planning and Management :

In Multiplex 2017 ERP we have a very flexible provision for keeping track of your production and material which is in process. We have concept of Route Card which is a document in which keep track of all processes of production.

6. Inspection Documents :

In Multiplex 2017 ERP we have a section for creating PDI i.e. Pre Dispatch Inspection Reports which can be connected along with your dispatch document internally.

7. Dispatch Labels :

Using Multiplex 2017 ERP, you can print your dispatch labels those can be fixed on packing of material. These labels can be automated as per the quantity dispatched

8. Accounting :

Using Multiplex 2017 ERP, you can maintain your whole accounting including Voucher Printing, Cheque Printing, Outstanding, Ledger, Cash, Bank, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet etc.

9. GST Returns:

All GST Returns will be automatically maintained with your transaction documents.